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Handcrafted Incense Holders from Ecuador

Handcrafted Incense Holders from Ecuador

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Incense vessels handmade with clay.

Decorate your home and use it as an incense holder.

These figures represent the Valdivia culture of Ecuador, handmade by artisans from the coast of Ecuador.

It represents purity and good energy.

Heat-resistant. Since its material is clay.

Purification: In many cultures, incense is used to purify the environment of negative energies or unwanted spirits. By burning aromatic herbs, the smoke is believed to cleanse and purify the space and the people in it.

Create a pleasant atmosphere: Many people burn incense simply because they enjoy the aroma. It can be an effective and pleasant way to scent a room without using chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Relaxation and meditation: The aroma of incense is often associated with relaxation and can help create a calm and serene environment. Many people use it during meditation or yoga practice to create an environment conducive to concentration and inner peace.

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